WARHEADz “Pixels” NFT Release 1.23 @ 1:23pm - First of Three Collections to Hit

Michigan-Based LightSource NFT Holdings has announced the release of “Pixels” the first installment of their 3-part series, WARHEADz, a shout-out to old-school video game art. The premise is metaphorical – a bunch of cartoon nuclear missiles decommission themselves and attempt to live in peace among society, in disguise.
The non-fungible tokens being made available this Sunday are composed of hand-designed and drawn (pixelated) attributes that combine to form complete avatars. The collection totals 10,000 pieces but there were well over 100,000 different combinations available. Some traits are far more distinct than others and some of the tokens are extremely rare.
This release is considered a “fair-launch” where all tokens are priced equally at 0.03 ETH at the time of sale. The tokens will be available on OpenSea and the WARHEADz website.
WARHEADz C2 & C3 release dates are not announced yet. The theme is the same but the style and method of art are drastically different. Hint: Not pixels.

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