Christian Poetry Compilation Explores Spirituality, Faith

Poetic Parables: Listen with your Heart

Poetic Parables: Listen with your Heart

 Alvina Y. Platt-Gregory

Alvina Y. Platt-Gregory

Listen With Your Heart (latest book by Platt-Gregory)

Listen With Your Heart (latest book by Platt-Gregory)

Alvina Y. Platt-Gregory's "Poetic Parables; Listen With your Heart" delves into the divine

NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, September 14, 2021 / -- With "Poetic Parables: Listen With your Heart" Alvina Y. Platt-Gregory invites her readers into an exploration of the spirit, delving into the depths of the divine to search for inner truths and rekindle one's sense of faith. Her book is a collection of rhymes and verses that touch on common issues with spirituality and people's questions regarding God.

Platt-Gregory's poems bear the message that God is the answer, that his love is never ending and that he wants all to know this. That is why she proclaims this message with her verses, presenting the many facets of that infinite love and how it applies to people's lives. In doing so, she also portrays the many circumstances people experience during their time on Earth. Their relations with one another, how they face the highs and lows that come and go, how they steel themselves during dark and challenging times, as well as when they rejoice in more fortunate moments. An experienced poet, Platt-Gregory used to write for the International Poetic Society and received six Editor's Choice certificates and a Poet of Merit award. This gives her work a balance of poetic craft and passion that elevates it.

Pastor Ted Wisnley, founder of the Family Church in New Jersey and chaplain of the Philadelphia Eagles, has praise for Platt-Gregory's work: "What an amazing and unique book of poetry! 'Poetic Parables' are an engaging and inspiring addition to anyone's daily devotional, this book will encourage you to go deeper in your prayer life and to be more intentional in your spiritual walk with Christ! I highly recommend it!"

"My remarkable relationship with God the father, the son and Holy Spirit inspired me. I wanted others to know that God wants a relationship with them and if there is anything they want to know, just ask him and He will answer but You must listen with your heart." Platt-Gregory says. She suggests that readers meditate in conjunction with experiencing her poems, using the moment as an opportunity to give thanks. "The answer might be different from what you expect but remember God knows what you need."

About the Author
Alvina Y. Platt-Gregory is a retired teacher of health and physical education with a diploma in Biblical Studies. A Born Again Christian, she is a mother of three successful sons and two grandchildren. She has had a virtual booth at the Festival of Storytellers by Reader's Magnet and was a guest on The Daily Spark, a faith radio program hosted by Dr. Angela Chester. She is a participant in many open mic poetry events in Trenton and Willingboro.

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