How to Find Destiny 2 Concealed Void Lost Sector

Europa’s Lost Sector, Concealed Void, is where you may get the Beyond Light Exotic armour. For those who haven’t yet gotten their hands on the Exotic Armor from this Lost Sector, I’m going to guide you through the process step-by-step today.

First, I’ll cover the Concealed Void, then I’ll quickly discuss how to prepare for the Legend and Master Lost Sectors, and lastly I’ll take a look at some of the Exotic Armor that’s on offer in the game.

Preparation – Weapons, Mods & Power Level

You’ll need to conduct some preparation before you enter. On Europa, hover over the Concealed Void Lost Sector emblem to view the prerequisites, which include the Champions as well as the Shields you’ll need. In the destiny 2 Concealed Void Lost Sector, Overload and Barrier were the Champions. This is why you must equip your weapons with Anti-Barrier and Overload modifications if you want to succeed. The seasonal artefact has these modifications. Before you enter the Lost Sector, make sure you’ve unlocked your seasonal artifact’s modifications and added them to your armour. Otherwise, it will be tough to defeat the Champions there.

As soon as you grasp the criteria, it’s time to pick a suitable loadout. With the Anti-Barrier Auto Rifle mod, I’ll be able to take care of the Anti-Barrier Champions. The Fate bringer and the Overload Handcannon Mod have been my go-to weapons for dealing with Overload in the game. This is why I’ve chosen Arctic Haze, a good Auto Rifle, and it will let us rip through those shields in a matter of seconds. Using Anarchy as a power weapon will allow you to inflict long-term damage on bosses in Legend and Master Lost Sectors. As a bonus, the Seasonal Artifact’s Breach and Clear mod comes in handy while facing Champions.

Because of this, before entering the Lost Sector, make sure to review the prerequisites and devise a strategy for defeating the champions and destroying the shields. Otherwise, an already tough task will become almost impossible.

Finally, there is the issue of power. Legend Lost Sectors have a value of 1310, whereas Master Lost Sectors have a value of 1340. Under-leveling is OK, but it will make your life difficult, therefore it’s preferable to level up and get as near as possible to the required power level before entering.

Concealed Void Lost Sector Guide

A swarm of Fallen Shanks and Dregs will greet you when entering the Lost Sector for the first time. Hidden beyond the wall, there is an Overload Champion. Use your Overload weapon, which is a hand cannon in my instance, and get rid of him as rapidly as possible. Stun the Champion with the Overload weapon and then fire a few Anarchy bullets at them to kill them swiftly is my go-to tactic. Hand cannon fire will finish them out after they’re dazed and armed with a few Anarchy bolts.

There will be Dregs with solar shields waiting for you after you’ve defeated the Overload Captain. Once you’ve taken care of the Solar Weapons, you’ll have to deal with the hefty Shank and some distant Vandal Snipers. Be mindful of the Vandals’ sniper bullets while you pop the Shank’s shields with your energy weapon. The next segment of the Lost Sector is only a short jump away.

The Barrier Servitor, who will be supplying shields to other shanks and Dregs, will be the next major stumbling block on your way. Additionally, there’s a Captain in the distance that’s going to be a problem, as well as grenades raining down from all sides. Shots from my Anarchy rifle would be enough to take down the Captain. Observe the enemy’s shields; they’ll glow in various colours according on the kind of shield they’re wearing. Arc shields are at the ready for our captain’s use.

Try to take out the Barrier Servitor as quickly as possible with your Antibarrier weaponry once you have dealt with the Captain. Take him out as quickly as you can since he’ll be a shield for the Shanks, who will attempt to assault you. Keep an eye on the Servitor as he teleports across the area, then concentrate your fire on the other adversaries.

Over the platforms, then leap to the right, where the Captain was before, and you’re done. One more massive Shank with shields has appeared. So I used Arctic Haze to detonate the Solar shield, followed by a couple Anarchy blasts to finish it down. You’ll encounter Snipers and an Overload Captain if you go over to the platform where the Shank was resting. Snipers should be dealt with first, since if you don’t, you won’t have a clean shot at the Overload Captain. Use your Overload Weapon to knock the Captain out for a little, then finish him out with a few Anarchy rounds before moving on to the next sector.

There are a couple Wretches in this area that will assault you with spears if you leap up there. You can defend yourself by jumping and peak-shooting them, but if you don’t, you’ll die. Get rid of them and go on to the next part of the lesson. In this hallway, you’ll find an Overload Captain and exploding Shanks, so be careful. Run inside the room, get rid of the Exploding Shanks, and then reverse directions. This will bring them out in the open, allowing you to easily dispose of them. Don’t hurry into the corridor, since they’ll detonate and kill you if you do. It’s time to get rid of the Overload Captain once and for all with a combination of well-placed hand cannon blasts and chaos.

The region with the bosses comes next. Continue your descent into Europa’s tunnels. Dregs and Wretches will swarm the boss chamber, so be on the lookout for them and take them out. The boss will emerge after you’ve completed this task. Get several Anarchy bullets into him and then get out of the way. With my bubble protecting me, I sat back near the entrance and fired several anarchy rounds at the boss. There’s also a protected Servitor in here somewhere, just in case you were wondering. Keep an eye on the clock, slow things down, and systematically take out each enemy one at a time.

Once you’ve completed this task, open the chest and celebrate! Hopefully, you’ll get your hands on some Exotic gear. It’s possible that these tips will help you go through the Lost Sector faster if it didn’t drop the first time around. So, if you don’t obtain the Exotic stuff the first time, keep trying. If you don’t get the loot the second time, keep trying.

How to access Legend and Master Lost Sectors

In order to get entry to the Legend and Master Lost areas, the following steps must be completed:

Get your power level up to 1200.

Finished the Lost Sectors on Easy (Cosmodrome, Europa, Moon, Tangeled Shore)

You should be able to get to 1200 power by just playing the game and collecting drops from any activity. Public events, strikes, and the crucible will all contribute to a rise in power levels for the organization. The legend versions will be unlocked if you’ve completed the standard mode trek through the missing sectors. You’ll see a blue symbol with a sword and shield on the map after you’ve unlocked them.

Exotic Armour Rewards

The location of the Legend Lost Sectors changes every day at reset time, and if you’ve completed them on regular level, you’ll be able to see them on the map. A new prize will be offered each day, including Head, Arms/Lises/Chest Armor.

Season of the Splicer has brought us a slew of new Exotics, all of which wear leg armour.

It’s a Long and Winding Road (Titan)

Final strikes from the sun provide you an increasing boost to weapon damage as a Firewalker. With Stasis, you can’t be frozen or slowed, and breaking out of it creates a blast of Solar energy surrounding you.

Scales of a Star-Eating Monster (Hunter)

An extra Super energy is gained from Orbs of Power that you pick up. Picking up an Orb of Power overcharges your Super, resulting in an immediate blast of healing and a boost to your Super damage when fired while your energy is full. You also get an overshield if you go to full overcharge.

Assembler’s Boots (Warlock)

Standing in a healing rift summons Noble Seekers, who seek out and heal allies who aren’t in the rift as a result of this effect. A Noble Seeker is created when you and your ally are in an empowering rift. Your rift’s length is temporarily prolonged each time a Noble Seeker locates one of your friends.

Chest armour was introduced in Season of the Chosen to combat the new threats.

Thundercrash damage is increased by Cuirass of the Falling Star (Titan Chest).

Omnioculus (Hunter Chest) – A bonus smoke bomb and perks for enhancing friends.

The rate and damage of a Supercharged version of an Energy weapon are both increased by using Mantle of Battle Harmony (Warlock Chest).

It was added Helms and Gauntlets in Beyond Light.

Prove your tenacity, even after you’ve come back from the edge. The Titan’s Overshield aura protects the user and allies in the immediate vicinity upon reviving.

As a substitute for Dodge, wear the Mask to get Shift, a longer-range version of the Hunter’s cloak that also momentarily hides the user from enemies.

Warlock Helm – Dawn Chorus That wonderful burn is all yours. Projectiles fired by the Warlock during Daybreak inflict additional damage and inflict burns upon impact. It is possible to get melee energy for each victim that is damaged by a burn.

Overshield Overshield (Titan Gauntlets) – Stand strong against the invading hordes with this enhanced armour that replaces the Titan’s Barricade with the Overshield.

To earn an additional ricochet, a quick and precise impact is required to receive the Arthrys’ Embrace’s damage boost and to momentarily stun foes.

Warlock Gauntlets – Necrotic Grip A lethal combination of caresses. The damage dealt by melee attacks on corrupted foes increases with time. When a corrupted fighter is defeated, the corruption spreads to neighbouring targets and melee energy is restored.

If you have any advice on how to conquer the Legend and Master Lost Sectors, please share them with the community in the comments section below.

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