The Plan by Dan Hollings Bot results during a down market

The Plan by Dan Hollings Bot results during a down market

Just a few days after The Plan by Dan Hollings launched on December 2nd, Bitcoin’s price went down which had many people wonder if his strategy still works.

When I saw that my bot made $300 in 8 hours on a day that Bitcoin’s price went down, I was floored!”
— Anna Dornier

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, December 5, 2021 / -- Crypto veterans and newbies alike are raving about the new, yet battle-tested crypto strategy called, “The Plan” by Dan Hollings. 11,000 people attended the live workshop on December 2, 2021, and it had them wondering if this really is the new and easy way to truly create passive income for average families in 2021 and beyond. Just a few days after the workshop aired on December 4th, Bitcoin’s price went down which had many people thinking about how Dan’s strategy will work during a time like this.

One of his beta students, Anna Dornier, who is a part of the July 2021 beta group, was shocked when she woke up to more profits than she was expecting on December 4th. To read about her full review, experience, and updates since she started, visit The Plan By Dan Hollings Review by Anna Dornier.

Anna tracks her bots’ results every morning and when she logged in on December 4th, she was surprised to learn that she made $300 in 8 hours while she was sleeping. Even better, this was only from 1 of her bots. She continues to explain that she has only seen these returns grow over time even through the last 2 crypto “dips” she’s been through.

“When I saw that my bot made $300 in 8 hours on a day that Bitcoin’s price went down, I was floored!” remarks Anna. “The Plan’s strategy is really simple and once people know the basics, it all starts to make sense. I’m glad I took advantage of this opportunity because I can really see any average family benefiting from The Plan,” Anna continued.

The Plan by Dan Hollings combined with the exponential growth that the blockchain and cryptocurrency industries are undergoing is changing the world’s economic landscape. “The people that are making smart decisions on how they are investing and growing their cryptocurrency portfolios are planting seeds right now and they are going to bear some great fruits in the future,” Anna says.

Dan Holling’s automated cryptocurrency bot strategy is one of a kind. If you’d like to get a sneak peek of how it works by doing tiny, minute-to-minute transactions and profit for you while you sleep or do other things you love, be sure to watch the replay of Dan’s workshop from December 2nd by clicking here. One reason Anna is talking about her ongoing progress now is that she realizes how big of an opportunity this is for the average family to grow their wealth especially for those who don’t want to learn to trade cryptocurrencies and are in no position to take trading risks.

As always, it is good practice to consult a certified financial advisor before investing.

To read Anna Dornier’s full review on The Plan by Dan Hollings, click here.

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