Nicholas Liou Discusses the Benefits of Having a Business Mentor

Nicholas Liou is an entrepreneur who can attest to the benefits of mentorship

Nicholas Liou is an entrepreneur who can attest to the benefits of mentorship

Nicholas Liou recently discussed the benefits of having a business mentor.

Entrepreneurs have no boss telling them what to do”
— Nicholas Liou
EVANSTON, , IL, USA, October 22, 2021 / -- Every entrepreneur can benefit from having a successful business mentor. Nicholas Liou is an entrepreneur who can attest to the benefits of mentorship.

"Business mentors have transformed my journey as an entrepreneur," Nicholas Liou said. "The wisdom an experienced business person can provide is invaluable. It is far beyond the business advice you can learn online or in a classroom."

Nicholas Liou explained that a business mentor is somebody who already has experience as an entrepreneur. This individual has surpassed the challenges of entrepreneurship and is succeeding as a business owner. He stated that the services of a business mentor are often provided for free because the mentor desires to give back to the community. A business mentor can also benefit from improving their leadership or teaching skills.

"Entrepreneurs have no boss telling them what to do," Nicholas Liou said. "This is viewed as one of the major benefits of entrepreneurship. However, it also means there's no one above you to ask when you need advice or a second opinion."

Liou explained that having a business mentor can provide the guidance of a boss without many of the disadvantages. This person can be a sounding board for ideas and provide the emotional support needed when entrepreneurship inevitably gets difficult. 

Creating an entire business network on your own can be difficult. A business mentor is likely already equipped with a long list of contacts. Building these new relationships can be beneficial for the entrepreneur and the mentor. A mentor can create new opportunities for you and your business by connecting you with potential partners, clients, investors, and other resources.

"Many mentors specialize in certain areas," Nicholas Liou added. "Some are excellent leaders while others may be successful marketers or salespeople. Your mentor can provide one-on-one guidance in one or many areas to help you reach success without investing in even more schooling or training programs."

Liou finished by stating that the question often arises as to how to locate a business mentor once you know you're in need of one. You may already have a friend or family connection to a mentor, and bringing them onboard may be as simple as asking for advice. However, business mentors can also be found at conferences or other industry events. Your business mentor may even be someone you're already working with in sales, distribution, or other sectors.

"The important thing to know is that you're not alone, even if you're an entrepreneur with zero employees," Liou concluded. "Many business owners are happy to provide mentorship as long you're open to asking for help." 

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