WEYTEC launches ultraFLEX Nano PC

ultraFLEX Nano PC

ultraFLEX Nano PC

Nano PC in desk chassis

Nano PC in desk chassis



The Nano PC is ideal for mission-critical workplaces in 24/7 control rooms and trading floors with KVM solutions

UNTERENGSTRINGEN, ZURICH, SWITZERLAND, June 16, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ -- WEY Technology (WEYTEC), a leading global KVM-over-IP specialist, introduces its latest product: the ultraFLEX Nano PC for mission-critical business environments. This compact and highly efficient Nano PC enhances system reliability and contributes to Green IT.

All WEYTEC ultraFLEX PCs are built for 24/7 operations. Thanks to low noise and heat emissions, the Nano PC can be installed both at the desk and in the system room. The ultra-slim design fits into a standalone chassis or in a standard 19'' chassis with up to a total of 16 Nano PCs.

The Nano PC is a little powerhouse, offering maximum computing speed with modest power consumption. Each device supports up to two screens and 4K resolutions. The Nano PC has two Gigabit Ethernet ports and redundant power supplies (optional).

The ultraFLEX Nano PC is now available through WEYTEC entities and partners worldwide.

WEY Technology is a Swiss-based global information technology company. For over 35 years, WEYTEC is the KVM-over-IP specialist for integrated workplace solutions on trading floors and in control rooms in the public safety, utilities, traffic management and aviation sectors. WEYTEC makes it possible to switch, distribute and display all information sources in any combination to an unlimited number of desks, video walls and screens – in real time.
WEYTEC is a one-stop supplier that develops and manufactures virtually all its KVM products and solutions in-house. First-class components, state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques and Swiss workmanship guarantee the flawless quality of WEYTEC products and solutions. WEYTEC – do it smart.

Sharmon Greenky
WEY Technology AG
+41 44 751 89 40
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