What Does Neuroscience Have To Do With Exercise? A Lot According To Cyborggainz: A New Way Of Thinking About Well Rounded Fitness

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / May 19, 2021 / It is often said that we go to the gym to train our muscles, but then forget about our most important "muscle": the brain. Though not something that you can flex in the same way, it is an organ that must be used and conditioned as it constantly continues to grow and develop.

The question is how can you combine the ideal workout to flex both your brain and your muscles? A group that is focusing on this wellness balance is Cyborggainz. From the field of Biomedical Sciences to Mindset coaching, the group has been diving head first into the fitness industry andcombining both calisthenics with neurological techniques, the company focuses on training all parts of the body, including the brain! Their fundamental question is if the body is being trained, shouldn't athletes also train the brain?

Though we may not think about it, neuroscience, which is what Cyborggainz uses, is the secret weapon of many talented athletes. To be a great athlete, there is a mental block that we must work through to achieve our full potential. This is where Cyborggainz begins their specialized training routines. Their goal is to apply scientific fundamentals to everything. Specialists in neuroscience help their athletes hone their workouts to train and be stronger, faster, quicker and more explosive; in other words, train like a Cyborg.

In addition to offering training programs, Cyborggainz is also trying to change the way that people conduct their lifestyles. They emphasize the importance of a wellness routine and health diet coupled with their special exercise. One of their programs teaches people how to be more wellness conscious or in their words "true fitness". The combination of these three things, exercise, neuroscience, and wellness, can also be customized to fit any particular lifestyle.

In addition to their programs revolving around wellness, Cyborggainz also offers retreats for people to rework their mindsets. They have adapted to Covid to make these retreats virtual so that anyone, anywhere can get involved. And if that isn't enough, they also have one on one sessions with trainers to personalize your experience even more.

The program at Cyborggainz is led by their lead trainer and entrepreneur Jean Fallacara. Jean has been working as an experienced executive focused on technology products for the science business. +20 years of experience, founded and led a number of science-technology companies. He owns several companies with branches around the world, but his true passion is his love of fitness combined with his love of science.

"Great athletes think, train, and thrive. Sports are 90% mental and 10% is physical. To play in the backyard of the best athletes, it is not enough just to be as physically dedicated as them, you need to think like them as well. Building the right frame of mind to become an elite athlete is not an easy job. My goal is to drive change by experimentation, apply scientific fundamentals to everything," Jean explains.
Cyborggainz is working hard to expand their business and attract more clientele to learn the ins and outs of mental and physical fitness. To find out more about Cyborggainz, you can check out their website here.

Paula Henderson

SOURCE: Cyborggainz

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