Metal Structure Constructions: Fernando dos Santos Has Been Recognized at UNESCO Headquarters for His Work

PARIS, FRANCE, April 24, 2021 / -- They are skilled architects with great expertise in metal structure constructions. Its know-how is more than a skill and they are proud to make it available for you, as a French heritage that they wish to preserve. Not content with claiming this descent, they are also recognized abroad: in China, they are recognized as the successors of Gustave Eiffel's work.

Their talent, between heritage continuity and modernity, has been recognized at UNESCO headquarters by the NGO of the United Nations Economic and Social Department "Fostering exchanges between France and China". They carry this legacy with pride, never ceasing to improve it. THE METAL FRAME STRUCTURE

It is a light and airy architecture:
This type of structure is extremely light, because they distribute the loads intelligently. This is an elegantly simple strategy, because by prioritizing the quality of the load-bearing structures, and not the quantity, These constructions have a real effect of lightness, as if the aesthetic part of the building were freed from its structure.

The metal framework knows how to be discreet, and only sublimates the beauty of the construction, without ever crushing or locking it up.

As you will see, this lightness is the keystone of these know-how, the secret which allows us to offer fast, reliable and economical constructions.

It’s an ecological choice:
The carbon footprint and the waste produced by their constructions are minimal. To be put in place, the metal frame structure does not require extensive foundation work, which damages the soil, or excessive water intake. Most importantly, steel is a 100% recyclable material. Their buildings, even at the end of their life, can still be used for new purposes.

The metal frame will suit your designs, whether you want to mark a landscape with a building that will stand the test of time, or make it disappear without a trace after a few years.

It is a versatile know-how:
They are willing to work on any type of construction. The metal framework lends itself to all projects, whether it is a home for an individual, to build modern and modular offices for a company, industrial buildings such as hangars or shopping centers, or even large complexes such as sports centers, nurseries or dispensaries.

They are quick and responsive whatever the nature of your project, from a simple warehouse to ambitious works of art.

It is the possibility of customization :
They offer modular architecture. We compose your building project in different parts, assembled independently of each other then assembled according to your convenience and especially according to your needs. The lightness and versatility of their architecture allow you to customize your plan to infinity before ordering. And once your building is in place, you can still make changes to it, make it evolve: it is extremely easy and fast to move and reassemble the different parts, and even to add modules to your construction if you want to enlarge it. One day.

All styles and materials :
Deriving from its lightness and visual minimalism, the metal frame matches any style, and magnifies all materials.
Give a strong personality to your project by asking them for an old, modern, contemporary or even futuristic architecture.

Their expertise in working with steel involves a keen understanding of all types of materials that their structures must sublimate. You choose the materials to use according to your taste, your needs, the regional architecture and local constraints. From classic materials (brick, stone, wood) to modern ones (glass, plastic coatings) no texture, no visual flavor is beyond their reach..

Fernando dos Santos put his immense know-how at your disposal.
Whatever the nature of your project, be sure to find at Metalis a team of construction experts ready to support you in your business.

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