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PRWIRE INDIA is a press release portal developed for all users who are looking to promote their press release in India or Globally. In the era of digital world, we bring to you a platform to take your press release, story to larger and relevant audiences, take it global, help it to reach to your audience and make your thoughts count.

We have two options to promote your Press Release. One is to post your Press Release on our portal and another one is Submit your press release with us, along with our distribution partners. PRWIRE INDIA tries its best to make sure that your press release goes directly to the targeted customers.

Minds behind prwireindia

Akhilesh Nawani

Holds a degree in Masters in E-Business Management. He worked with EinpressWire for 8 years and learnt a lot of things about Press Release distribution. In 2020 he started working on PRWIRE INDIA and now it is available for users. His main aim is to get customers press releases online at a nominal cost.

Vikas Badoni

Holds a degree in Masters of Computers Applications. He is the backbone of the portal. He has developed it from scratch.

Digvijay Bisht

Holds a degree in Masters of Computers Applications, worked together with Vikas to make it a success. He also worked on website layout to make sure that it works well in all devices.

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